Why developers love Heap

Unlike other analytics platforms, Heap virtualizes your data, so the actions you choose to track can be renamed, re-organized, or even grouped with other actions after the fact, retroactively. This means that:

You won't ever have to go back to fix things.

If you or your team got something wrong, you won't have to update the code, or even deal with lost data as a result– you can't "get it wrong" with Heap.

You won't have to join a tracking meeting ever again.

You won't have to worry about building a detailed tracking plan, arguing about a naming convention, or making sure naming is consistent across platforms.

You won't have to convince different teams to buy into specific tracking procedures.

You can speed up your tracking.

Since event naming is less important, you leverage functions to automate tracking.

On top of that, for most of our SDKs, Heap offers industry-leading event autocapture, which builds a coherent, complete, cross-platform, and flexible dataset– and takes the burden of event tracking completely off your shoulders.

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