Electron Installation

Use this doc to install Heap on Electron apps. For web installation instructions, see our web installation guide.

Electron doesn't natively support cookies, so Heap's JavaScript web snippet won't work out-of-the-box. We're currently working on a fork of the electron-cookies package that allows Heap to function within Electron apps, if you'd like to give it a try, it's available in our Github. To use the forked electron-cookies package in your Electron app, add it to your package.json dependencies like so:

  "dependencies": {
    "electron-cookies": "heap/electron-cookies"

After you npm install the package, you should be able to add require('electron-cookies'); to your application’s renderer.js, and include the web snippet above in your application’s HTML.

If your application has nodeIntegration: false in its configuration (this is the most common setup), instead of adding require('electron-cookies'); include the following script tag to your application’s HTML after running npm install:

<script src='./node_modules/electron-cookies/dist/electron-cookies.js'></script>