You can use our server-side APIs to:

  • Send server-side data into Heap, including user and account properties, to enrich your autocaptured dataset
  • Delete users from your Heap workspace (auth token required)

We have client-side equivalents of several of our server-side APIs, such as track and Add User Properties. If you’re unsure whether to bring in this data via the client or server-side, see Tracking Web Custom Events Client-side vs. Server-side.


Prior to using our server-side APIs, we recommend installing Heap on your website or app. For installation instructions for web, mobile, React Native, and third-party platforms, jump to our developer guides.

You’ll also need to be capturing identity in Heap, since you can only send events to identified users. For more information on how to manage identity in Heap, see our developer guide on Using Identify.

Note that select APIs have their own individual prerequisites, as listed in each API section below.

Feel free to reach out to [email protected] with any questions about our APIs.

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