This API allows you to attach custom properties to any identified users from your servers, such as Sign Up Date (in ISO8601 format), Total # Transactions Completed, or Total Dollars Spent. Note that Heap will create a new property if it doesn’t already exist, and will overwrite the previous property if one already exists with the same name.

Currently, heap.AddUserProperties calls cannot be named all casings of id (ID,Id,iD,id) as it clashes with internal variables.

Our Looker Actions integration allows you to quickly import property data into Heap. See the Looker Actions Integration guide to learn more.



If you want to write your user's email into the builtin Email property, you must send the key lowercase as per the example above.

Sending an email value with a non-lowercase key will create a new property to store this data.


Requests are limited to 30 requests per 30 seconds per identity per app_id


Please note: fetch, jQuery, and XMLHttpRequest options are not currently supported.

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